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32-bit Lineup Accelerates Multimedia Performance

The AM3 (MN103) Series of 32-bit microcomputers covers a broad range of applications from equipment controllers through multimedia processing.

The combination of a C language oriented architecture and optimizing compiler delivers both high performance and lower power consumption.

To streamline the development of applications high in both performance and functionality, these devices incorporate the AM Series standard on-chip I/O bus (C-bus) and the extended calculation instruction function for adapting them for ASSP enhancement and ASIC microcomputer development.

The AM30 Series /AM32 Series are for controller applications;the AM33 Series, for processing.

• Function expandability - MN103S Series

• Integrated cross-bar typed bus controller - MN103S Series

The Series continues to grow in response to diversifying needs: cache memory versions for portable digital assistants (PDAs), set top boxes and other high-volume data applications; versions with built-in memory management units (MMUs) and full operating system support; highly standardized versions for control applications; multifunction versions with enhanced on-chip functionality.

Alongside the masked ROM versions are flash memory versions that drastically shorten turnaround times during software development.

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